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Splitter boxes on 32 ports



Indoor sheet metal distribution cabinet is a user terminal device. It is mainly used for terminal of FTTH system. The function are splicing, splitting and output etc, and can prolong terminating, protection and management for the optical cable, which is the necessary device of optical network transfer.


1. Adopt zinc plated cold rolled steel sheet body and static spraying cover,prevent from dust,erosion and aging resistance,and in good safety performance.
2. There is fixed structure for cables,grounding is reliably.
3. Designed as double layer, the up layer is distribution, the down layer is splicing, it is easy to expand expansion and allocation Layered turn-cover splices, easy and fast to assemble and maintain.
4. Wall mounted and pole hooped two kinds of mounting solutions can be chosen for both indoor and outdoor using.

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401-02-32A                                      Splitter boxes on 32 ports