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Optical Closure

Optical closure can be applied in the straight line and branch line(one into two, one into three)connections of optical cables within the diameter of 22mm(φ), all types and structures, when laid overhead ,in the pipeline, underground or in the well. Meanwhile, it is also applied to the connection of all-plastic city phone cables.

Structural features

◆ All property indexes are in accordance with National YD/T814-1996 Standard.
◆ The case body is made from imported high-intensity engineering plastics (ABS) and formed the shape with mould plastics under high pressure. It is in the shape of HALF rectangle, with the advantages of less weight, high mechanical intensity, corrosive-resistance, anti-thunderstruck and long service life
◆ The case body and cable entrance are sealed with adhesive rubber strip(non-vulcanized) and sealed tape. Reliable sealing capability. It can be re-opened and easy to maintain.
◆ unique disposition of 4 different cable loops(φ12.5,φ17,φ20,φ22) enables user to choose different outer diameter according to actual conditions, It enhances the reliability of the cable entrance sealed.
◆ Overlapping fiber-melting tray and separate insulation earth unit make the disposition of the cores, expanding the capacity and cable-earthen flexible, convenient and safe. 
◆ Outer metal component and fixing unit are made of stainless steel, so can be repeatedly used in different environments.
Main technical Specifications
◆ External Size: (length × width × height) 435 × 190× 120
◆ weight:2.8kg
◆ optical fiber winding radius: ≥40mm
◆ extra loss of fiber tray:≤0.01dB
◆ fiber length left in tray:≥1.6m
◆ fiber capacity: single: 96 cores, tape-shaped: 192 cores
◆ working temperature: - 40℃ ~ + 70℃
◆lateral pressure-resistance: ≥2000N / 10cm
◆ shock-resistance:≥20N.m
Packing list
joint case main body
1 piece
fiber-melting tray
1 piece
Melted fiber pack
melting pipe housing
12 stick
stainless reinforced core stick
12 stick
nylon tie
5 stick
sand paper
1 strip
stainless steel accessories
M5×30 bolt and nut
2 sets
2 pcs
M8×25 stainless steel bolt
8 pcs
M8×35 stainless bolt
2 pcs
6mm inside hexagon spanner
1 pc
accessories kit
2 pcs
cable loop φ12.5
8 pcs
cable loop φ17
8 pcs
cable loop φ20
8 pcs
cable loop φ22
8 pcs
adhesive tape
1 coil
sealed strip unit
1 piece