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Optical DWDM Power Meter Alpha Mile ODPM-48


ODPM-48 is developed to measure exact power and frequency adoptable to the various network conditions. Automatic 48 channel measurement at a time.
This instrument is portable and made to be appropriate to the outside environment. 


1.  PLC Device
2. DWDM (48 channel) Measurement Solution  
3.  Automatic DWDM-48channel 
4. (Wavelength & Power) measurement at a time 
5.  Quick and Easy to operate 
6.  Less power consumption  
7.  DWDM Scan Color Graph 
8.  Save and Recall about 300 data 
9.  Software Provided for Data management
10. Auto Power-Off 


Parameter Value
Operating Wavelength
1526.43 1563.86 nm
Channel Spacing  100GHz
Measurement Speed 3 sec. (all 48ch.) 
Measurement range  +10  ~ - 30dBm
Resolution  0.01dB
Accuracy ± 1.0dB  @-30dBm 
Fiber type  9 / 125  ㎛
Optical interface SC (FC, ST, SC, LC adapter) 
Battery  Li-Polymer, 1800mAh/3.7V
Battery Life  420 min(Fully charged) 
Display  2.8” TFT-LCD, 16bit Color, 240x320
Operating Temperature  -20 ~ +55 ℃
Weight 300g, 154.9 x 77.9 x 33.5 mm

 Standard Accessories:

Accessories Quantity 
Power Meter Body (included Battery)  1 EA
Body Rubber Case 1 EA
Charger 1 EA
User Manual 1 EA


903-01-48                                                              Optical DWDM Power Meter Alpha Mile ODPM-48