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Transport loose tube 3.9mm

Transport tube with a lingering thread used in the construction of fiber optic distribution networks of residential buildings. Used in conjunction with cables with freely recoverable fibers. As a rule, the transport tube is routed from storey divisors to the work area outlet, followed by tightening the fibers using broaching thread.

Parameter Value
Cable type Φ3.9mm loose tube
Strength member Aramid yarns
Outer tube diameter (3.9±0.1) mm
Internal tube diameter (2.5±0.1) mm
Loose tube diameter (0.85±0.05) mm
Jacket material LSZH (UV resistance)
Jacket color Ivory
Cable weight 11 Kg/km
Short term tensile 100 N
Crush resistance 500 N/100mm
Operation temperature (-40~+70) ℃ 

Ordering information:

603-00-39                                        Transport tube 3.9mm