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Основное описание (идет сразу под изображением):
Alfa Mile RISER is designed for vertical installation inside buildings between floors. This cable is widely used in FTTH networks and PON technology. The design of the cable provides access to the fibers and allows them to be removed without problems.

  • Fully dielectric construction
  • Fiber extraction capability
  • Shell LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen
  • Light weight

Parameter Value
Fiber type 9/125(G.652D)
Fiber count


Strenght member 2FRP
Outer jacket material

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

Outer jacket color White
Cable diameter (6,75~13.5) mm
Cable weight 38~157Kg/km
Short term tensile 500 N
Operation temperature (-40~+60) ℃ 

Ordering information:

606-01-02 Optic cable Riser, two fibers
606-01-04 Optic cable Riser, four fibers
606-01-06 Optic cable Riser, six fibers
606-01-08 Optic cable Riser, eight fibers
606-01-16 Optic cable Riser, sixteen fibers
606-01-24 Optic cable Riser, twenty four fibers
606-01-32 Optic cable Riser, thirty ywo fibers
606-01-48 Optic cable Riser,, fourty eight fibers