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Mini-8 is an optical cable designed for installation in urban environments. The design of the cable has an additional power element - a steel cable.

  • Small overall dimensions
  • Light weight
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Steel wire rope tensile 4000N
Parameter Value
Fiber type 9/125(G.652D)
Fiber count

1 /2/ 4/ 6/ 8

Loose tube filler Jelly
Loose tube material PBT
Loose tube diameter (6,7*4,0) mm
Strength member Steel rope
Outer jacket color Black
Outer jacket material PE
Dimensions (1.1±0.1) mm
Cable weight 39.5 Kg/km
Min. bending radius 10D (D: Cable diameter)
Short term tensile 4000 N
Operation temperature (-60~+70) ℃ 

Ordering information:

603-01-01                                              Optic cable mini-8, one fiber
603-01-02 Optic cable mini-8, two fiber
603-01-04 Optic cable mini-8, four fiber
603-01-06 Optic cable mini-8, six fiber
603-01-08 Optic cable mini-8, eight fiber