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Micro ADSS outdoor unitube optical cable

Micro ADSS is a round, all dielectric cable ideally suited for self-supporting drop-type installations as well as in lashed or conduit builds.

  • Designed for use with inexpensive attachment hardware
  • Compatible with standard splice closures
  • Self-supporting - no messenger needed
  • Small cross-section for maximum density in closures and conduit
Parameter Value
Fiber type 9/125(G.652D)
Fiber color

blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white,

red, black, yellow,violet, pink, Aqua

Loose tube filler Jelly
Loose tube material PBT
Loose tube diameter (2.0±0.1) mm
Strength member Glass yarns & KFRP
Outer jacket color Black
Outer jacket material PE
Outer jacket thickness (1.1±0.1) mm
Cable diameter (5.0±0.2) mm
Cable weight 21.5 Kg/km
Min. bending radius 10D (D: Cable diameter)
Short term tensile 500 N
Crush resistance 1000 N/100mm
Operation temperature (-30~+70) ℃ 

Ordering information:

601-02-02                                              Optic cable micro ADSS, two fiber
601-02-04 Optic cable micro ADSS, four fiber
601-02-06 Optic cable micro ADSS, six fibers
601-02-08 Optic cable micro ADSS, eight fibers
601-02-12 Optic cable micro ADSS, twelve fibers