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Duct or Burial unitube steel armored optical cable

Duct and Burial is a round, steel wires armored cable ideally suited for ducts.

  • Designed for use with inexpensive attachment hardware
  • Compatible with standard splice closures
  • Provides good protection against rodents and allows the cable to retain outstanding flexibility for easy installation
  • Small cross-section for maximum density in closures and conduit

Parameter Value
No. of fibers 2/4/6/8/12 16/24
Fiber type 9/125(G.652D)
Fiber color

blue, orange, green, brown, gray,

white, red, black, yellow,violet, pink, Aqua

blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white,

red, black, yellow,violet, pink, Aqua,

S100 blue, S100 orange, S100 green,

S100 brown, S100 gray, S100 white, S100 red,

S100 black, S100 yellow, S100 violet, S100 pink, S100 Aqua

Loose tube material PBT
Loose tube diameter (2.4±0.1) mm (3.2±0.1) mm
Steel wire diameter (1.0±0.1) mm (1.0±0.1) mm
Strength member Armored steel wires
Outer jacket color Black
Outer jacket material PE
Outer jacket thickness (2.0±0.1) mm (2.0±0.1) mm
Cable diameter (8.5±0.2) mm (9.3±0.2) mm
Cable weight 122 Kg/km 138 Kg/km
Min. bending radius 15D (D: Cable diameter)
Short term tensile 1200 N
Crush resistance 2000 N/100mm
Operation temperature (-30~+70) ℃ 

Ordering information:

602-02-02                                              Optic cable for sewerage, two fiber
602-02-04 Optic cable for sewerage, four fiber
602-02-06 Optic cable for sewerage, six fibers
602-02-08 Optic cable for sewerage, eight fibers
602-02-12 Optic cable for sewerage, twelve fibers
602-02-16 Optic cable for sewerage, sixteen fibers
602-02-24 Optic cable for sewerage, twenty four fiber