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ADSS outdoor optical cable

Optical cable Alpha Mile ADSS is designed for overhead installation and is widely used in the construction of urban and trunk communication lines. Modular cable design provides increased tensile strength: 3500N standard / 6000N maximum.

  • Fully dielectric construction
  • Modular design
  • With increased tensile strength (max 6000 N)
  • Small diameter (9.4 mm)


Parameter Value
Fiber type 9/125(G.652D)
Fiber count


Strenght member FRP
Diameter FRP 1,9 (mm)
Outer jacket material


Outer jacket color Black
Cable diameter (9,4) mm
Cable weight 76Kg/km
Short term tensile 3500 N (max - 6000 N)
Operation temperature (-60~+70) ℃ 

Ordering information:

601-01-02 Optic cable ADSS, two fibers
601-01-04 Optic cable ADSS, four fibers
601-01-06 Optic cable ADSS, six fibers
601-01-08 Optic cable ADSS, eight fibers
601-01-16 Optic cable ADSS, sixteen fibers
601-01-24 Optic cable ADSS, twenty four fibers
601-01-32 Optic cable ADSS, thirty ywo fibers
601-01-48 Optic cable ADSS,, fourty eight fibers